Wasteless Wonders logo
In 2020 I created Wasteless Wonders to make a space to live my passion for sustainable textiles and fibre arts. When thinking about the name for the brand I really liked the word play of wasteless (without waste) and waste less (as in: please waste less!) and wanted to reflect that in the logo. The outlined "O" and line between waste & less represent and abstract ball of yarn and thread.
I chose soft fonts to represent the soft material and completed the branding with some playful illustrations and a set of complimentary colors. The stamp version of the logo was turned into an actual stamp and widely used in packaging and promotional material as a very easy way to brand and upcycle materials.
Wasteless Wonders is through the products offered, in one way a proof that waste materials can be turned into beautiful home textiles - with a lot of time, patience and craft(wo)manship. Some collections were created from production scraps from fellow sustainable business, like Hempea or Morico. The recycled material is the key component here that inspires the design, based on what is available and what can be combined to create something new.
The website was built from scratch, using Webflow and their integrated content management system to create a product collection and blog. The site was optimized for both desktop and mobile use. 
In addition to the website, I created an Instagram account to advertise new products, share the making process and to generate organic traffic to the website. The blog posts were an integral part of the content and intended to increase search traffic. 
The social media content consisted of a variety of posts for both instagram feed and story, as well as Pinterest. More graphical assets like the samples shown below were mixed with more spontaneous and less polished in-progress videos and stills to let the audience follow allong the often very long making process. 
At this point in time, Wasteless Wonders is not active anymore. I've decided to focus on sustainable textile art. You can find a selection of pieces on my textile art page.