Textile Art
Sustainable yarn paintings, handmade entirely from recycled material using the punch needle technique. A common theme are architectural settings of windows into another world, exploring lighting in bright colors and translating textures of plants, animals and objects into soft materials. To inquire about purchasing a piece or comissioning a custom artwork, please get in touch via my contact page.

Bonsai Sunset // 198 x 90 cm

Zen Garden I // 60 x 60 cm

Wild Desert // 80 x 100 cm

Looking Out // 42 x 52 cm

Leaves // 60 x 120 cm

Tabby Leaf 1 // 18 x 18 cm

Tabby Leaf 1 - 4 // 18 x 18 cm

Window Cat // 30 x 40 cm

Cloud Tree Study // 22 x 22 cm

Midnight // 33 x 45 cm

Vases // Tea Time // 28 x 28 cm

The making process
The base for my art pieces is created by upcyling old canvas frames or even slatted frames and giving them a new life by stretching secondhand textiles, like curtains or fabric scraps across them. 
The image itself is worked by punching secondhand yarns into the textile canvas, using a small size punch needle. By working from both sides of the canvas, a more fluffy and carpet like texture, as well as a smooth, almost embroidery-like surface can be created. This gives the pieces a very recognizable 3-dimensional look.
The colors of the pieces are composed from whatever yarns can be sourced from the local seconhand stores and flea markets, often inspiring unusual combinations. This process of working with existing and found materials often leads to tedious re-arranging and re-doing of sections of an art piece, until each color has found its perfect place in the overall comosition.
The emphasis lies in the slow and meticulous process of creating a sustainable piece of art, where great care and patience is required in order to transform waste materials into something beautiful.