Branding for a small business I was running 2019-2021 via Etsy, selling handmade prints and sustainable accessories. Next to the online presence, I sold products at various design markets around Helsinki and via retailers, like the Kiasma museum shop.
The name "slushybrain" is a relic from my early times on the internet and thought as a visualisation of the swirl of colors - similar to a slushie - that is constantly moving inside my head. The logo visualizes this swirl of colors and inspiration inside a head-shaped bowl. 
The logo is paired with a script display font, inspired by the winding structures of the brain, and a contrasting all caps title font. The main colors are derived from the CMYK printing inks, which are used to mix colors for the main products of the shop: handmade linocut prints.
Imagery for the shop is styled on clean bright backgrounds, matching the products and creating a good contrast to pop out in the Etsy search. For prints, a lot of mock-ups are utilized to show how the art pieces would look in different spaces and contexts.