Made by Choice
During a 3-month internship in 2017 at the Finnish furniture design brand Made by Choice I was working on various design tasks, including 3D-modelling and plan drawing.
One of my first tasks was to extend the existing "Lonna" range with a design and manufacturing plan for a coat hanger. The design was created by simply extending the leg design from the existing stool with its characteristic T-shaped reinforcement.
The same stool became the center piece of a larger than life installation at the Sideways festival in collaboration with Habitare. The T-shape reinforcements served as a bar-height table meeting point integrated into the giant stool. I was responsible for making the visualisation.
Wilderness is a collaboration art piece with Icelandic designer Katrín Ólína, first exhibited at Milan Design week. During my internship, I created the detailed 3D-models and cutting templates for machining the solid wood and brass elements.