The Sweater Work / Shop
The Sweater Work / Shop is a project focusing on the utilization of DIY, crafts and making techniques in a design context. Setting out to develop a small-scale system, this Project explores the possibilities of working with textile waste in new and innovative ways through hands-on making while searching for an alternative to mass consumption.

The prototype itself is a small mobile kiosk to show, make and sell. It visualizes the process of un-knitting old garments, making recycled yarns and then knitting new products from these yarns. It serves both as a work-station and a small shop, therefore the title of this Project: The Sweater Work / Shop.
The kiosk is combined with an alternative pricing system, offering customized products for a lower price, and thereby creating value through engagement of the customer and the story of the making process instead of monetary investments. In the end, a trial proved, that customized products offer a good balance of involvement; allowing even those who don’t want to craft, DIY or make to participate and benefit from some of the positive aspects of DIY, crafts and making.
This project has been exhibited in the 2018 Aalto Festival Sustainability Revolutions exhibition, as well as the 2018 Dubai Design Week Global Grad Show. Read an article about the project on dis-up! - in spanish.