Super Synthetic Stones
This project is largely inspired by the ocean plastic problem. Through the combination of two of the world’s worst materials - plastic and concrete - a new material is created, that reduces cement and natural aggregate demand for concrete and gives new value and life to unrecycled waste plastics.
The spectrum for the application of this material is quite large, from tiles and floors in architecture, to objects in furniture and interior. The plastic does not only improve insulating characteristics, but also adds to the aesthetic value of concrete. Super Synthetic Stones are a unique product and they are not only interesting, because of their beautiful surface, but most importantly, because with every single object created, a positive impact on our environment can be made.
This project has come to an end, as some concerns arose for the afterlife of the created products. While plastics can be a valuable substitute for sand and gravel in concrete, concrete itself is very hard to recycle. In a built environment context, where large quantities are used to create large structures, recycling is to some extent possible, but with small home decor items, the most likely outcome is landfill, where these objects will most likely never really decompose.
This project has been exhibited in the 2016 Helsinki Design Week Material Led Design exhibition, as well as the 2017 Brescia Design Festival.