Food for Wool is a series of craftig supply travel bags, made with almost 100% recycled materials. Dedicated to knitters, crocheters and embroidery artists, each sub-series of bags adheres to a certain food-inspired theme and features exactly the right size pockets and subcompartments for each specific craft, in order to carry any current project and the required tools on any given journey.
Food for Wool is an attempt at creating a perfect set of sustainable and handicrafts-supporting bags, while using the same handmade and slow production methods as the crafts are they are aimed for. This series of bags is supposed to be a recycled - but not recycled looking - set of tools to enable a nomadic style of on-the-go DIY-ing and enable more meaningful commuting and down time activities than just scrolling social media. 
All bags were made with a variety of recycled yarns, either purchased from the secondhand store or recovered by unravelling old garments. The lining fabric is a consistend royal blue, picked up at the local libraries' craft material swap event. All zippers were either recovered from old garments or purchased at the local recycling center. The reason why this series of bags is only almost 100% recycled, are two small balls of pink and beige cotton yarn, purchased new from the local wool store, in order to make the colors match on the donut-themed bags.
Part I - Knitting
The series of donut-themed bags are designed with a knitter in mind and made using the tapestry crochet technique for the outer and some sewing for the lining. Tapestry crocheting is a technique, where a multi-colored pattern is crocheted with the other color yarns running inside the stitches, hence producing a float-free, double sided fabric.
Two of the bags are meant to store tools, the third is a classic "project bag", where current knitting projects and the required tools can be stored and placed inside the regular backpack or tote you might be carrying, without all the yarns tangling and getting dirty (left in the picture). The round shape of a donut just seemed perfect for a circular circular knitting needle storage bag (middle in the picture), while the straight and double-pointed storage bag had to be a little more rectangular to match the tools (right in the picture).
Part II - Crocheting
The series of watermelon-themed bags are created for crocheters.Having a more limited set of tool variations, one bag for the different size hooks was enough to accompany the dedicated "project bag". Again the tapestry crochet techique was used to create the watermelon patterened outer of the project bag, while plain regular crocheting was used to make the threedimensional slice of watermelon. 
Part III - Embroidery
The series of japanese-inspired food bags are made for embroidery and punch needle artists. While being exactly the right size to fit a larger or small scale embroidery hoop, each bag contains additional storage for embroidery floss, needles, fabric and other small tools. The outer of the bags was created through a combination of embroidery or punch needle embroidery and some quilted fabric. The multi-layered inner and quilted outer gives a nice cushioning to whatever precious embroidery project lives inside the bag at any point.
This series of bags was created over a timeframe of about 6 months, mostly during long commutes in the morning and evening, as well as some weekends on the sofa or out on the beach. For now these bags are only meant to be my own tools, enabling me as a knitter, crocheter, and embroidery artist to take my crafts wherever I go. In the future, I'm hoping to transform this series into a more widely available product. 
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